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Alumni Profiles

Farmanga Ngobeh is a medical student at the College of Medicine and Allied Health Science in Freetown, Sierra Leone who has been passionate about research from high school.
Farmanga has been the administrator of Science Resources Africa since 2011 and is our key liaison officer.

Umu Kuntume Sall's humanitarian feeling for women and children, especially the less privileged, was the stimulus to participating at the Science Resources Africa annual project competition in 2015 and she took 2nd position for her outstanding project about the Ebola virus disease (EVD) during outbreak in Sierra Leone. In 2016 she took part again in the Science Resources Africa competition and this time she won a Faculty for the Future Award from the Sierra Leone Association of Women in Science and Engineering (SLAWiSE).


Umu has started her own Foundation where she is one of Sierra Leone’s Youngest Executive directors in charge of the Child Awareness Foundation (CAF). She is a current student of the college of Medicine and Allied Health Science  (COMAHS) and looking forward to a career as a gynaecologist.

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