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Science Resources Africa is an initiative established to enhance the availability of scientific resources to the African Community. The economic and social development of sub-Saharan Africa could be significantly enhanced with a continuous and sustained build of capacity in science and technology in the communities.

This is an absolute necessity if Sub-Saharan Africa is to play a pivotal role in intensifying research efforts to combat diseases that plague the region and in fostering a way ahead in the economic development of affected communities. One way to achieve this is to develop capacity in science and technology by promoting cutting-edge science education amongst the youth of those communities.




Our projects span three areas:

  1. Science Education Workshops

  2. Capacity Building

  3. Global Health and Community Engagement

This has led to the development of various projects including (1) The development of digital tools to support global health initiatives including the design of disease surveillance strategies (2) DIY generators inverters and projectors, (3) setting up solar panels for schools in the rural areas and organising health promotional campaigns in the communities.

Gender diversity is also promoted via online mentoring schemes and demonstrated from the increased participation of girls in the science fair competition and programmes including the previously male-dominated physics and electronics related projects.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

By providing online mentoring to the SRA participants from various experts in the field, W=SRA is committed to advancing the following SDGs:

  • No Poverty

  • Zero Hunger

  • Good Health and Well-Being

  • Quality Education

  • Gender Equality

  • Affordable Energy

  • Reduced Inequalities

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