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Past Conferences

Our Conferences have been held at various locations in Sub Saharan Africa in collaboration with Medical Research Council, LSHTM, the CRI, the West African Network of Excellence for TB, AIDS and MALARIA (WANETAM), the Science Resources Africa programme, the Blundell group at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge and more.

West African Open Lab conference for antimicrobial drug discovery, 3rd December 2019

Fifty-five delegates from nine countries across West Africa attended, including Benin, Sierra Leone, Togo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, and The Gambia. The delegates had a wide range of backgrounds, including medical doctors, computer science undergraduates, nurses, and bioinformatics researchers. All participants applied through a competitive process and all were funded by partial or complete scholarships. Demonstrating the draw of the event and the commitment of participants, one delegate travelled overland from Freetown to attend the conference, a journey that took him three days (we paid for his one hour flight back!).

Funding partners

We were very grateful to the following partners for their support:

  • The Royal Society

  • Cambridge-Africa

  • Centre de recherche Interdisciplinaire

  • European Bioinformatics Institute

  • Wellcome Trust

Report on our recent conference in The Gambia_03.jpg
Report on our recent conference in The Gambia_06.jpg

Steering Committee members

International Steering committee members

  • Dr Bridget Bannerman (University of Cambridge, SRA)

  • Prof Martin Antonio (MRCG, The Gambia)

  • Dr Assan Jaye (MRCG, The Gambia)

  • Dr Jake Wintermute (CRI)

  • Dr Pedro Torres (University of Cambridge, Cambridge)


Local Steering committee members

  • Dr Abdul Sesay [Lead Genomics/Bioinformatics facilitator]

  • Dr Davies Nwakanma [Labs]

  • Mr Archibald Worwui [Bioinformatics facilitator]

  • Mr Badou Gaye [IT]

  • Dr Leopold Tientchu [Labs facilitator, MRCG, The Gambia]

  • Ms Adam Drammeh [logistics support,MRCG, The Gambia]

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