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Another exciting Mobile Learning Week in Paris!

Between March 4-8, 2019, SRA attended UNESCO’s annual Mobile Learning Week (MLW) in Paris. With a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainable development, the 2019 MLW conference saw 1500 delegates from 130 countries come together for discussions on global innovation in online learning. This is the third time that we have been invited to speak, and we were proud to showcase SRA during the week.

SRA’s Director, Dr Bridget Bannerman, gave a talk in the ‘How can AI be harnessed AI to reduce the learning inequitability?’ panel on the topic of ‘Designing AI projects with low cost technology for researchers and learners in disadvantaged populations’, which explored SRA’s contribution to online science innovation in West Africa. In the spirit of AI, her speech was transcribed live into French by a machine translation programme!

MLW 2019 also provided an outlet to highlight SRA’s alumni contributions at an international level, including:

  • Mustapha Lolleh: Light Salone Innovation and his mentorship skills

  • Andrew S. Norma and Emmanuel Mansaray: Sierra Power Ltd.

  • Joseph Cooper and Mahmoud Gbeesay: Developing AI- assisted education platforms

  • Umu Sall: Public health initiatives

Dr Bannerman also proudly presented the new initiatives at the Jean Piaget University and Innovo lab in Guinea Bissau and our upcoming work at the Medical Research Council in The Gambia.

We look forward to MLW 2020!

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