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COVID-19 Innovation Campaign results

During the COVID-19 crisis, SRA remains eager to make an impact, despite limitations for our traditional in-person workshops and conferences.

Many countries in Africa have responded quickly to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Despite concerns by the WHO and large media outlets that Africa would experience some of the world’s highest infection rates, these have not materialised to date. Instead, published infection rates have remained relatively low across the continent and country responses have been swift.

To develop ideas of how this has been achieved, and what Africa can do to even better respond to COVID-19, Science Resources Africa (SRA) launched an innovation campaign to provide a platform for Africa-based respondents to provide their insights. SRA reached out to science and education collaborators, students, policy makers, and NGO and private sector leaders to provide a wide and inclusive range of insights. Respondents were invited to submit their responses and ideas via a Google Form survey, the results of which were then organised and consolidated.

Here’s what they said!

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