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Launching our COVID-19 Innovation Campaign

As the implications of COVID-19 continue to grow and more lockdowns come into effect, all of us at Science Resources Africa (SRA) wish you the very best and hope to see you again in the near future. Despite the lockdowns, SRA continues to make an impact to demonstrate the fantastic scientific expertise and resources on offer in Africa. We have launched a campaign to understand what COVID-19 related initiatives are working well in your communities, and what could work better. We hope that your innovative ideas can be aggregated and shared with stakeholders to enhance the COVID-19 response in Africa. We would be very grateful if you would please spare 5 minutes to complete this short survey and share it with your friends, networks, and families. Feedback can of course be anonymous.

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This year we initiated the Prince Leroy Scholarship programme; we appointed two Research Assistants and awarded a research internship from selected participants of our Science Resources Africa program


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