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Outreach Symposium, Freetown, Sierra Leone 2017

SRA conducted a symposium to equip newly appointed outreach co-ordinators in April 2017 at the Fourah Bay College in Freetown. This was done in participation with members of the Sierra Leone Association of Women in Science and Engineering. Our outreach co-ordinators are SRA alumni who are now undergraduates at the University of Sierra Leone, Eastern Polytechnic, Kenema and Njala University in Bo. They have volunteered to go int o the secondary schools to initiate science resources clubs and support the younger ones, especially the girls, and to enhance their participation in future science workshops.

Special thanks to Ms Isata Sesay, Ms Claire Vincent, Mme Kaiwa and Dr Chrysa Lithari for facilitating the symposium to outreach co-ordinators. A Whatsapp group forum has been created to enhance communication between the facilitators and the mentors who help to ensure quality in the dissemination of education materials and support of the SRA clubs.

Presentations include: SRA administration (Innovation and its relevance to school going pupils By Rex Bhonohapa, (SRA alumni and undergraduate at FBC), Conservation biology game to learn about sustainability by Mrs Claire Vincent (Lecturer at the Eastern Polytechnic in Kenema) and Optical illusions/neuroscientific experiments by Dr. Chrysa Lithari (visiting lecturer at FBC), Raspberry pi and Radiation by Ms Isata Sesay (President of SLAWiSE) and various other experimental activities supplemented by lecturers from FBC. The programme was opened by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.

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