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SRA alumni innovation in action!

At SRA, we are constantly impressed by the innovation exhibited by our alumni. During the course of 2018, a start-up led by SRA alumni Andrew Norma, Emmanuel Alie Mansaray, and Elli Cooper, developed an exciting new approach to provide electricity in an environmentally-friendly manner to rural regions of Sierra Leone. With approximately only 10% of the country’s 7.7 million people having regular access to grid electricity (Energypedia), there is a significant need to provide access, particularly in rural areas. Although the proliferation of fossil fuel powered generators has helped to provide electricity, their pollution levels can harm local communities and environments.

To combat this challenge, the Sierra Power Ltd. team, led by Andrew Norma, have developed a fuel-free generator to provide readily available, cleaner, and cheaper access to electricity. Powered by a rechargeable dry cell battery. This approach has been rolled out to 10 classrooms and 2 offices at the Methodist Boys High School and Flaming Pre- Primary and Middle High School, situated in the villages of Kissy Mess Mess and Rokel in rural Sierra Leone.

The impact has been significant; of the 1000 students attending the Methodist Boys High School, 75% of students reported that the use of Sierra Power Ltd.’s technology has benefitted them in their studies. It has also helped to make the area safer, according to the head of security at the Methodist Boys High School, Mr Abdul. Likewise at Flaming School, approximately 65% of students are expected to benefit from the electricity provided by our alumni’s technology.

Andrew and his team hope to roll out the technology to more schools and regions, and we wish them every success in their endeavours.

Pictures below show Sierra Power Ltd. in action!

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